Table sheet

We are attached to our dining room table. It was purchased at an antique store and has genius leaves that are stored within the table. Over the years we have purchased flannel backed vinyl table cloths that were great when the kids were little.


My daughter agreed to take my parents dining dining room table when my father downsized and insisted certain things stay in the family. I think he really enjoyed going to their house for dinner, and sitting at the table he loved so much.


I was a bit envious of the made to order table pads that fit my parents/daughter’s table.


I thought I would emulate the table protection for myself in two layers.  I used a shower curtain to protect against spills, and some InsulBrite to protect against high heat when we could not find a flannel backed vinyl cloth to fit . Popped the nice table cloth over that and thought I would be good to go.

Until someone sat down at the table and pulled the whole thing askew.  Needed a plan b.

I had a piece of muslin colored fabric the size of the table.  Cut the corners to match the table’s dimensions, then added a 4” strip of fabric all round the edge.

Serged a piece of clear elastic on the raw edge of the 4 inch strip.  This holds the heat and water proof layers in place, and stabilizes the pretty tablecloth that goes over it.  No serger?  A zig zag and regular elastic would likely work too, or a casing and drawstring.

So while I was envying my daughter’s custom covers (that are 50 plus years old and have seen better days), she wanted a table sheet, to keep things from moving.

Yesterday I surprised her.  Made one from a vintage sheet.  She loves it.  B108118C-750C-4E90-90D7-E84B64A5FA2C

From the underside, it looks like this, like a fitted sheet.




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