Calder pants

C9E65E9E-D597-44E9-95FD-E474D856CCB8I live in shorts 3/4 of the year or more, so when I saw the latest pattern by Cashmerette, I did not have to think twice.   Woven shorts with a flat front, pockets, and elastic waist? Yes please!  This is a perfect pairing with one of the many Spruce tops I love and live in.

Was happy to get this pair from a 2 yard duck cloth remnant.  A little bit of leftover may net me a matching mask or two.  I may or may not have completely followed directions.  I skipped the pocket facing, as my fabric is pretty firm. I did not bother looking for a lighter fabric for them. Would be worth it in a heavy fabric or fancy pants, though.  The pockets laid out nicely on a folded piece, and just about the time I was going to cut the fold, I thought better of it.  Left them whole.
A bit like sewing on raglan sleeves.  Front, pocket, back, pocket, front.  This fabric was a little fray prone, so flat felled seams with a bit of a wobble stitch to allow for bias stretch where it is needed in the critical spots.

Inseam got the flat fell treatment too.
Stitched, then under stitched the pockets.

Then french seamed the side seams into the pocket.  After I sewed the first seam, I trimmed off the stray bits then clipped into the section where my needle is paused in the first photo.

Sorry I did not grab a photo of the right thigh patch pocket (phone sized), or my waistband treatment.  Will save that for another post.  I did make 2 channels for the elastic and I fused the waistband.  Not one for tucking in my shirt, I might rethink that.  Love the wide waistband!

Relatively quick, and very satisfying sew.

The End.


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